Black Fly Day

Save 20% on flies and gear during our pre-Black Fly Day Sale!

black fly day sale

Save 20% on flies and gear in our pre-Black Fly Day Sale.

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  • New Trick Soft Hackle

  • Bread And Butter Caddis Emerger

  • BWO Hatchmaster

  • Eric Yellow Sally Stonefly

  • Silly Wiggler

  • Bead Head Flashback Pheasant Tail


Dead Drift

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    Squirmy Wormy Fly

  • Tungsten Rainbow Warrior Midge

  • european nymph fly pattern, euro nymph fly, fly fishing nymph flies, nymph flies for trout, tungsten bead head nymph, baetis nymph pattern, tungsten baetis nymph fly pattern

    Euro Tungsten Missile Nymph

  • fly fishing nymph, nymph trout flies, hares ear nymph, bead head nymph fly pattern, bead head hares ear nymph transparent background photo

    Hare Ear Bead Head

  • woolly bugger fly, woolly bugger fly pattern, best trout flies, bass fly patterns, essential fly fishing flies, best fly fishing flies, beginner fly fishing flies

    BH Woolly Bugger

  • articulated streamers, trout flies, bass flies, bass streamers fly fishing, beef curtain streamer olive, fly fishing articulated streamers, olive articulated streamer for trout

    Beef Curtain Articulated Streamer


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A drag free drift is something that we all dream about. There’s just something about watching your fly drift through the water in a totally unhindered way that, like a lot of aspects of fly fishing, is just beautiful. And, perhaps best of all, the fish love it, too....

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6 Different Strike Indicators for Nymphing

There are fly fishing indicators designed for nearly every single different scenario. I’ve even used buoyant pieces of a twig when I made the mistake of leaving my foam indicators in the car. There must be a dozen different floating indicators, line indicators, and...

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4 Tips for Bass Topwater Fly Fishing

When to Fish Topwater Bass won’t always throw themselves to the surface anytime something delicious appears in front of them. There are specific conditions they look for. Firstly, they love low light scenarios. That means that the best times to fish for them are first...

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