Squirmy Wormy Fly


An addictive trout fly pattern that offers excellent movement of a realistic worm fly.  Many say that using Squirmy Wormies is cheating, but aquatic worms are totally natural and are a select part of a trout’s diet.

Squirmy Wormies offer the best of both worlds, they get down and know how to wiggle. Many anglers use this fly as their first and last resort. Add it as a dropper or your lead fly.



You may be familiar with the San Juan Worm. Well, Squirmy Wormy’s are the step-up above the San Juan Worm, aka one of the most effective attractor trout fly fishing flies in existence. Why? Motion. Squirmy Wormys never stop squirming and worming. This pattern was featured on a Fly fishing show on TV and said to be the #1 fly in West Virginia. More recently, an angler out of WV reached out to us after schooling his buddies on a fishing trip. 16 trout in one day. Hitting double digits each day consistently and totaling out at 63 trout! Bulk up!

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Worm Red, San Juan Red, Pink, Tan, Purple, Neon Green



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